FULTS Tooling Dual Strut Nose and Landing Gear Scorpion R/C RC Struts Remote Control Model Aircraft Airplane RF and Scorpion Series Highest Quality in the market place today Hand Made in the USA Cam lock steering arms and interlocking axle hubs

Fults Tooling has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of premier quality landing gear for over 30 years. Developer Bob Fults was the innovative genius behind the cam-lock steering arm that requires no set screw. The company was also the first to release the interlocking axle-hub. We are also now the first and only manufacturer of the universal mount system, Scorpion. Our use of the highest quality materials has made us the industry standard first choice of discerning R/C model builders worldwide.

Bob Fults is also the inventor and manufacture of the
fabulous Fults Banjo Tailpiece and XYZ mounting system.
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