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For just $29,000 be involved in the literal nuts-and-bolts of the model airplane landing gear business.
After 33 years Fults Tooling in Savoy, Ill., is looking to sell its complete business line due to retirement.

Known throughout the world for quality, this direct sales business is the industry leader when it comes to dual strut nose gears.
Used in drone aircraft and featured in several model plane magazines, and much more.

While this has been a direct sales business with more than $6,500 generated in sales in the first four months of 2014
Sales could potentially double or triple with distributors.
Plus other sales options include countless hobby shops across the U.S.

The current inventory includes:

More than $10,000 in inventoried models and parts.
Eight cavity (pillow block) nylon injection molding die cost would be more than $8,000 if made today.
Eight cavity (steering arm) nylon injection molding die cost would be more than $8,000 if made today.
Hand spring winder and fixture for all models.
Drill jigs and soldering fixtures, rolls of silver solder and flux.
Several hundred feet music wire, steel tubing and aluminum tubing.
More than 32,000 4-40 T-nuts, 4-40 screws and 4-40 lock washers.
Packaging for more than 15 models and accessory parts.
Plus this Web Site that is ready to be transferred and can be easily converted to new owners Paypal / C.C. system.
Web Site can also be worked on w/ease by new owner if they have some basic computer/internet knowledge.

NOTE: A Bridgeport milling machine, DSM 59 Hardinge turret lathe
Hardinge HLV Precision Toolroom Lathe and Drill Presses are not included in the sale.
But would consider selling machinery to a buyer, for extra cost, if needed.

Serious inquiries only.

For more information, contact: Fults Tooling
Box 155
Savoy, Ill., 61874
Voice: 217/351-3550, Cellphone: 217/417-6608
Fax: 217/351-3590
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